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Established in 2001, SEAC stands for Southeast Asia Club. We are a chartered culture club at Brandeis University aiming to foster awareness of the unique and diverse cultures of the countries in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Singapore. These events serve to share the traditions of Southeast Asia through games, arts, activities and food! SEAC is dedicated to creating a safe space that allows for learning and friendship.









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Our Team

Anh-Thu Pham Profile

Anh-Thu Pham

Digital Media Chair
Samantha Jew Profile

Samantha Jew

Freshman Representative
Sidra Iskandarsjach Profile

Sidra Iskandarsjach

Freshman Representative
Riley Pasicaran Profile

Riley Pasicaran

Freshman Representative
Mikayla Balatbat Profile

Mikayla Balatbat

Freshman Representative
Karissa Bergin Profile

Karissa Bergin

Outreach Chair
Marina Dixon Profile

Marina Dixon

Event Coordinator
Laura Tran Profile

Laura Tran

Outreach Chair
Kassandra Phung Profile

Kassandra Phung

Tony Escueta Profile

Tony Escueta

Event Coordinator
Phone Yi Yi Profile

Phone Yi Yi

Event Coordinator
Casey Tan Profile

Casey Tan

Digital Media Chair
Kenneth Sicat Profile

Kenneth Sicat

Freshman Representative
Maile Lin Profile

Maile Lin

Alex Stevenson Profile

Alex Stevenson

Digital Media Chair
David Tuan Profile

David Tuan

Outreach Chair
Addie Golomb Profile

Addie Golomb

AYALA Coordinator
Ninev O’Brien Profile

Ninev O'Brien

AYALA Coordinator
Declan Tsuyuki Profile

Declan Tsuyuki

Habiba Braimah Profile

Habiba Braimah

Karen Perez-Seyforth Profile

Karen Perez-Seyforth



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